Internal sustainable practices

  • Preserved Area

    We believe that fashion and the immeasurable values ​​of our environment are connected, we currently have over 75 thousand m² of preserved area, which further invigorates our commitment and care about nature.

  • Water treatment

    Investing in cutting-edge technology, in line with sustainable management is paramount for the company, all the water used in our production process goes through a rigorous treatment of effluents, returning to the river clean and ready for its own consumption.

  • Heat recovery

    A large rise of water that comes out of our dyeing goes through a cooling process, taking advantage of its heat, we managed to reduce the consumption of biomass to heat it up again. Resulting in energy savings for heating up to 8 million liters of water monthly.

  • Waste management

    Thinking about a sustainable future is essential for us, more than 600 tons of our solid waste is reused annually, undergoing a reuse procedure, we managed to reduce the impact caused to the environment, encompassing our practices consistently.

  • Environmental Committee

    Forming policies and improvement actions for socio-environmental practices, are part of our Environmental Committee, formed by employees of different functions engaged for a more sustainable world. Through a trained and committed team, our guidelines are closer to responsibility and constant improvement in our sustainable practices.

  • Rainwater collection

    In addition to the constant search for excellence in our most diversified products, we believe that reusing in an intelligent and effective way is in addition to our principles. Annually + 238 milion liters of rainwater are collected and reused, the result of responsible and ethical work.

  • Sludge sustainable process

    All of our sludge undergoes a strict assessment through a renowned environmental agency. Considered INERT, does not present a toxic character and is not dangerous to the environment. Our sludge is sent to organizations, which aim in the best possible way to reuse it in an ecological way.

  • A Sustainable Future

    Our DNA is aligned with precautionary measures that do not aggressively harm the environment, always thinking about tomorrow consciously, we create projects that fit our vision. In the future, 30% of our water used in our production process will be reused, resulting in savings of up to 500 thousand liters daily.

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