Summer 22/23- Connect with your emotions and think: How can we find balance?

The collection is a reflection of the new times, which through authentic and creative experiences promotes fashion, sustainable awareness and connection with nature.

118 Localized Products
  • Anarruga Livia Naecocel Verão 22/23

  • Anarruga Charlotte MVS Verão 22/23

  • Anarruga Listrada NAECOCEL Verão 22/23

  • Anarruga Maite MVS Verão 22/23

  • Campeão de Vendas

    Athletic – UV 50+ Verão 22/23

  • Canelado Arizona Linen NAECOCEL Verão 22/23

  • Canelado Carolina Verão 22/23

  • Canelado Classic Linen NAECOCEL Verão 22/23

  • Campeão de Vendas

    Canelado Classic NAECOCEL Mescla Verão 22/23

  • Campeão de Vendas

    Canelado Classic NAECOCEL Verão 22/23

  • Canelado Classic Plus MVS Verão 22/23

  • Canelado Cristal NAECOCEL Verão 22/23

The Summer 2022/2023

The Summer 2022/2023 signals a new reality in the textile sector. Past the euphoria of the pandemic and visualizing a new and more conscious world,  where the fashion present us urgente changes, that speaks of collective activism, frugalism, intelligent manufacturing, well being, technology and sharing of values.
The products in this new approach shows to be much more sustainable, responsible and connected with their consumers.

Inserted in this context, Nanete Têxtil presents a collection that exalts values ​​such as regeneration, longevity, comfort, technology and interaction. The product lines mostly bring eco-sustainable, durable and high-tech fibers, which combined with design and care in obtaining results in current articles ready for a market open to new possibilities


The colors are an evolution of the last seasons and bring as highlight solar and optimistic tones such as orange and red, renewed cool colors and with balance of the blue and green, feminine and with well-being as the lavenders and roses, in addition to the timeless neutrals. The mixed of products cover the new textured, the rustic-inspired naturals , the canelated in different sizes and compositions, the bottons bases, the traditional but revisited jacquards ones, although revisited and the consegrated loungewear items in different weights and constructions.


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