Winter 2023 - Find new ways to transform the future!

We transform the winter look through authentic foundations that connect perfectly with the new desires and expectations of the consumers in the season.

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  • New Moletom Diagonal Big Line Inverno 2023

  • New Moletom Diagonal Small Line Inverno 2023

  • New Pele de Carneiro Inverno 2023

  • New Plush Color Candy Inverno 2023

  • New Plush Color Mix Inverno 2023

  • Campeão de Vendas

    New Plush Mescla Inverno 2023

  • New Poli Linen MVS Inverno 2023

  • Campeão de Vendas

    New Ribana Linen NAECOCEL Inverno 2023

  • New Slink Shine Inverno 2023

  • Campeão de Vendas

    New Softness NAECOCEL Inverno 2023

  • New Stripe Shine Colors Inverno 2023

  • New Stripe Shine Inverno 2023


The search for new beginnings and transforming experiences presents a captivating and commercial color palette. The season highlights the shades of orange that bring the essence of autumn, as well as the vibrant reds and roses of high impact. The feeling of well-being is represented by shades of lilac and purple. And the blue, brings a digital concept that connects with a much-discussed subject: the metaverse. To bring a calming feeling, bold greens gain evidence. In addition to these we can highlight the optimistic tones of neon to color accents and the timeless browns and neutrals. The color chart of the collection, in addition to translating the main world trends, transmits a mix of feelings that connect with the new reality and desires of consumers.


The winter 2023 collection reflects on the changes and transformations in the world in recent years, which highlights new lifestyles and brings a life with more purpose as its slogan. With a good dose of imagination and creativity we translate these concepts into a versatile and contemporary collection, in which the product mix prioritizes comfort and well-being with more ecological awareness. The highlight of the season are the textured ones, which bring a diversity of shapes and compositions, bringing evidence to tweeds, medium-weight textured knits and wrinkles. The ribbed knits and bases with more elastane are still on the top, renewing bodycon looks. With the aim of calling attention to the environmental cause, sustainable and natural looking products gain more and more strength and stand out in the collection. The patterns of jacquard bring a sophisticated air to the collection and show the influence of classic tailoring. The return of velvet and sparkles provide a touch of elegance and optimism very important in the season. With new proposals the comfy style appears redesigned, bringing comfort and practical to everyday life.


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